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[Pydio] 413 request entity too large

If you start to get "413 request entity too large" when you upload files in your Pydio after you followed this QUICK FIX. It's probably because you are using Nginx and its setting is happy with the large upload. We need to modify it.

413 request entity too large

Nginx configuration

The client_max_body_size directive assigns the maximum accepted body size of client request, indicated by the line Content-Length in the header of request. If size is greater the given one, then the client gets the error "Request Entity Too Large" (413). To fix this issue edit your nginx.conf. Open the Terminal or login to the remote server using ssh client. Type the following command to edit your nginx.conf using a text editor such as vi or joe:

edit the file: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf . if you are not sure about the file location (it might be a different name),

find / -name "nginx.conf"


Add the following line to http or server or location context to increase the size limit in nginx.conf, enter:

# set client body size to 8192M #
client_max_body_size 8192M;

Save and close the file. Reload the nginx webserver, enter:

# /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx -s reload


# /sbin/nginx -s reload

OR use the following on RHEL/CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu Linux:

# service nginx reload

Please check the previous QUICK FIX for PHP configuration modification.


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