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BandwagonHOST – You asked – we delivered. Bandwagon Host in Florida and Micro plans… And KiwiVM!


I have some great news!

1) BandwagonHOST's new Florida location is online. All nodes at this location come with RAID-10 SSD storage by default.

If you have a VPS with BandwagonHOST, you can migrate it over to this new location ("Migrate to another DC" in the KiwiVM panel).

If you do not have a VPS with BandwagonHOST, then you should get one.

2) New Micro plans (yes, those are YEARLY prices):

MICRO-64 $3.99/year 64MB RAM 1.5GB SSD 100GB Bandwidth on GigE

MICRO-96 $4.99/year 96MB RAM 2.0GB SSD 200GB Bandwidth on GigE

MICRO-128 $5.99/year 128MB RAM 3.0GB SSD 300GB Bandwidth on GigE


Jacksonville, Florida

Phoenix, Arizona

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Platform: OpenVZ, control panel: KiwiVM

3) KiwiVM kicks ass, as always! Ticketless migrations between datacenters, automatic migrations from other providers, snapshots (create/restore), automatic OpenVPN installer, 2 factor authentication, all this good stuff is in the KiwiVM for you to play with. A friend of mine once said he likes KiwiVM more than his girlfriend.

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