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Vultr: Reliable Cloud VPS Hosting

When its comes to website hosting then people automatically draw the picture of shared hosting in their minds. I know many people who even unaware of the fact that there are more varieties of web hosting are available.How many of you are aware and have tried Cloud Hosting? Huh! Don’t worry even if you’ve never heard about it, and it’s not a big deal also if you’ve used cloud hosting.Get to the point; There is a new cloud hosting company Vultr. It’s one of the very few cloud hosting companies who’ve got such a good reputation in a just a few years of its launch.In April 2014 they opened their first data center in Sydney, Australia and now they have 14 Data Centers Worldwide also till now they has more than 100k customers from 150+ countries around the world.

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Features of Vultr

Vultr and Competitors

Pricing of Vultr

Free $50 Credit for Test Drive

Let us take a quick look to the major advantages one can get as a Vultr customer.

Vultr Features and Advantages

  • 14 Server Locations Worldwide (In 4 Continents): Vultr has total of 14 Data Centers in all around the globe in 4 continents e.g Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America. They are still working to install many servers on all possible places. 14 data centers around the globe of vultr
  • One-Click App Installation: Vultr has one click app installation system. Means you can click WordPress, Drumple and many other apps with just a single click of your mouse button.one click app installer vultr
  • Large and Reliable Cloud Storage: If you want to host your files to cloud storage then Vultr gives you cloud storage up to 10 TB Which I think is more than enough.
  • Dedicated Cloud: You want a separate cloud server then you can buy their dedicated cloud hosting plan. It can provides a lot of flexibility and separate resources to you.  So you never have to share your resources with other servers and you can have more control over your server.
  • Powerful Control Panel: The most important thing a hosting can have is control panel. You can’t do anything without it. Vultr provides Power Control Panel. It also shows your  CPU usage, Bandwidth usage, Charges and many more things in real-time.
  • Upload Custom ISO (OS): If you’re a developer or want to Install your own Operating system for your work or anything then you can upload your own custom OS (ISO) on their server. So you can make it work as you want.
  • Instant Deploy: No more waiting for deployment. In Vultr you can deploy servers on 4 continents with just a few clicks.

Now if you’re thinking that what is great in Vultr as compare to its competitors then let me show you that also.

Vultr As Compare To Its Competitors

<a href=Vultr is 4x faster than the competitions" width="616" height="331" />

Yes! Vultr said that they are 4 times faster than the competition and to find it out they did the various tests to their competitors and got this result.

<a href=Vultr as compare to its competitors" width="685" height="337" />

Now the most important part.

Pricing of Vultr

You know Vultr has very flexible pricing for every kind of person. If you’re looking for hourly plans then they also has it see the screenshot and you will see a left side tab of Hourly Pricing.

<a href=Vultr cloud hosting plans

As you can see the prices are very low and are easily affordable. I’m currently using $5 plan on one of my niche sites which gets 10k+ views every month and till now I’m not facing any problem with it. However if you’ve more traffic like more than 10k UVs then I think you should choose $10 plan.

But I think you can choose according to your requirements or traffic.

How To Get That $50 Free Credit For Test Drive?

By default Vultr only gives free credit of $5 which is not even much to take a proper test drive of their cloud hosting. But through our special link you can get free credit of $50 which is more than enough. Below is an image with our exclusive link to get free $50 credit on your Vultr wallet.

try <a href=Vultr servers for free for 60 days

The credit of $50 will automatically credit to your account once your verified your email address. Also you can login to your Vultr Dashboard and can see the free credit of $50.

Remember that you’ve got this free credit only for 2 months and have to use it within that time period.

$50 credit for test drive

See the above shot, you will also see screen like same on your Vultr dashboard.

Now one more thing which is very important. To use this $50 of free credit you’ve to attach your Credit Card or Paypal account. But don’t worry because they won’t deduct even a single penny from it. It’s just for verification purpose. I recommend you to attach your credit card instead of Paypal because it will deduct little amount from your account. However they will also give you return bonus of $5 if you attach your Paypal.

Now It’s your turn now. CHECK THIS OUT

If you know any other cloud hosting which is superb and awesome and had impressed then let me know. Maybe I will try it and write an another review like this.

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