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  • Common dpkg commands

    2013.09.02 · Leave a comment

    dpkg -i <package.deb> Installs a package file; one that you downloaded manually, for example. dpkg -c <package.deb> Lists the contents of <package.deb> a .deb file. dpkg -I ...

  • Common apt commands

    2013.09.02 · Leave a comment

    apt-get install <package> Downloads <package> and all of its dependencies, and installs or upgrades them. apt-get remove [--purge] <package> Removes <package> and any pac...

  • Starting SSH service in Backtrack

    2013.09.02 · Leave a comment

    Starting SSH service BackTrack has various services such as Apache, SSH, MySQL, VNC, etc. They are all disabled by default. To start a service such as SSH, you can use the service init scripts. Fo...